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Thursday, December 9, 2021

About The Forum


The mission of the Microbiome Virtual International Forum (MVIF) is to advance the field of microbiome research by providing a more convenient, accessible, and globally inclusive platform for the dissemination of high-quality research and scientific networking. We are committed to promoting diversity of gender, race/ethnicity, and geography, and to actively engaging and promoting students and early-career researchers and scientists. We facilitate collaborations and knowledge exchange in a free and open-access setting with rigorous scientific and evidence-based standards.


In order to have a microbiome conference that can be followed by any one, in any part of the world, the MVIF meetings are replicated in two times:Each meeting is either “Atlantic-first” or “Pacific-first”, where “first” refers to the time zones with live talks during particular MVIF meeting. Talks during the first session are recorded for re-play followed by live Q&A and discussion during the second session. One minute Research Highlights are always pre-recorded.

Individuals should submit only to meetings where they can be present at first session for presentation and Q&A. When practical, we recommend the presenter attends or designates a representative for the second session to participate in the discussion and Q&A.


Each event is organised as follows:

  • KEYNOTE TALK (30 minutes + 20 minutes Q&A)
    The keynote speaker presents their work

  • SELECTED TALKS (3 x 10 minutes + 20 minutes Q&A panel)
    The authors of the three selected abstracts present their work to the audience in 10 minutes presentations, followed by a 20 minutes Q&A panel discussion with all the three speakers

  • HIGHLIGHTS (60 minutes total)
    This part starts in a single track with award presentations and pre-recorded 1-minute presentations of each Highlight. It then breaks out into parallel virtual rooms, with one virtual room per each Research Highlight and Open-access Paper Highlight.