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ATLANTIC: January 11TH 2022
Pacific: JANUARY 13th 2022

Premier Session


11th JANUARY: 
🇺🇸 10.00am New York
🇬🇧 15.00pm London
🇯🇵 00.00am Tokyo (Day After)

Second Session


20.30pm New York (Day before)
🇬🇧  1.30am London
🇯🇵  10.30am Tokyo



prof Eran Elinav

Prof. Eran Elinav, M.D., Ph.D. is a professor at the Department of Immunology, Weizmann Institute of Science, and since 2019 the director of the cancer-microbiome division, at the Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany. His labs at the Weizmann Institute and DKFZ focus on deciphering the molecular basis of host-microbiome interactions and their effects on health and disease, with a goal of personalizing medicine and nutrition. Dr. Elinav completed his medical doctor’s (MD) degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Hadassah Medical Center summa cum laude, followed by a clinical internship, residency in internal medicine, and a physician-scientist position at the Tel Aviv Medical Center Gastroenterology institute. He received a PhD in immunology from the Weizmann Institute of Science, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Elinav has published more than 150 publications in leading peer-reviewed journals, including major recent discoveries related to the effects of host genetics, innate immune function and environmental factors, such as dietary composition and timing, on the intestinal microbiome and its propensity to drive multi-factorial disease. His honors include multiple awards for academic excellence including the Claire and Emmanuel G. Rosenblatt award from the American Physicians for Medicine (2011), the Alon Foundation award (2012), the Rappaport prize for biomedical research (2015) the Levinson award for basic science research (2016), and the Landau prize (2018). Since 2016 he is a senior fellow at the Canadian Institute For Advanced Research (CIFAR), since 2017 he is an elected member, European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) and an international scholar at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)  and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Prof. Jotham Suez will answer questions during the Pacific event on January 13th.


Protective effects of the gut microbial metabolite TMAO upon the brain - there is no such thing as a 'good' or 'bad' metabolite

Simon McArthur

Institute of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine, Queen Mary, University of London

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Microbial enrichment and storage for metagenomics of vaginal, skin, and saliva samples

Sarah Ahannach and Lize Delanghe

Department of Bioscience Engineering, Research Group Environmental Ecology and Applied Microbiology, University of Antwerp

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Microbiota-centered interventions: the next breakthrough in immuno-oncology?

Lisa Derosa

Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, Villejuif; Université Paris-Saclay, Ile-de-France, France

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Variation and transmission of the human gut microbiota across multiple familial generations

Mireia Valles-Colomer

CIBIO – University of Trento

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Reporting guidelines for human microbiome research: the STORMS checklist

Chloe Mirzayi

CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy, Institute for Implementation Science in Public Health

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A mouse model of occult intestinal colonization demonstrating antibiotic-induced outgrowth of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae

Choon Kiat Sim

National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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Strong oral plaque microbiome signatures for dental implant diseases identified by strain-resolution metagenomics

Paolo Ghensi

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Varun Aggarwala, Maria Carmen Collado, Chris Hoffman, Serena Manara, Eleonora Nigro, Nicola Segata, Levi Waldron

Hui Chong, Anna Cuscó, Lisa Karstens, Serena Manara, Felix Salim, Carra Simpson, Svetlana Ugarcina Perovic, Liu Yiting, Moreno Zolfo

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